Sailing again…

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8 Responses to Sailing again…

  1. Great photos! I’ve only been on a real ship once in my life and it was a pretty short trip (I blogged it here if you want to take a look), but it was a pretty incredible thing for me. And the photo opportunities were made of solid gold. 😀


  2. Great shots! My favorite is the second one, I love the light blue coloring. I miss sailing, watching the water go by, feeling the movement of the boat, the sun warming your skin, the wind blowing you hair…


  3. Camilla says:

    Och dina foton är lika konstnärliga och vackra som vanligt 🙂
    Hoppas påsken varit skön. Vi har ju haft ett härligt väder. Ha en trevlig vecka.


  4. Amit K. Pal says:

    I like the second one. Nice shot.


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