The spinner

Webspinning caused the association of the spider with creation myths all over the world. Spiders were attributes of many ancient goddesses: Neith in Ancient Egypt, Maya in India, Arachne in Greece, Ishtar and Atargatis in Mesopotamia. They are symbols of creativity  and… they can really spin amazing airy castles!

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9 Responses to The spinner

  1. Rifqi says:

    Nice shot. Can I make suggestion? It would have been even better if you had removed the plant in the background, it’s a bit distracting.


  2. English spider and Swedish spindel are etymologically related to spin and spinna: a spider is a spinner. (I’m relying on Google for the Swedish words, which you can correct if they’re wrong.)


  3. Lu says:

    Not normally a fan of spiders – but since you quantified them with mythical symbolism I might just have to look at them in a different way 😉


  4. elmediat says:

    An intriguing shot. The weaving of webs is also connected to the idea of the Fates/ Norns / Wyrd sisters. On a synchronistic note, my most recent post features a spider web element. We are all connected by invisible lines, be they metaphysical, metaphorical, or WiFi.


    • iltana says:

      I agree. We are all connected by invisible threads and… it’s important to keep it in our memory all the time…
      As far as I know the names of the three most famous Norns in nordic mythology are: Wyrd, Verdandi and Skuld 😉


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