“The sacred lamp of day. Now dipt in western clouds his parting day”

(William Falconer)

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13 Responses to Venerable…

  1. CS says:

    Oh, så vackert att det nästan gör ont…


    • iltana says:

      …och det hela var hundra gånger vackrare i verkligheten! Diset över havet såg helt magiskt ut och tystnaden bröts bara av vågornas brus…


  2. Camilla says:

    Vacker bild 🙂


  3. astrawally says:

    Simply stunning…


  4. Beautiful capture!


  5. Adrian Lewis says:

    Excellent – perfect positioning of branch, sun and horizon – really beautiful, and an exceedingly apt quote to go with it. If I were being very picky, I’d say remove the small dark object on the sea top left in the frame, as I think this detracts – very slightly – from the brilliant conjunction of sun, sea and branch – my eye keeps getting drawn over to that little dark dot, when it ought to be 100% enjoying that wonderful, soul-lifting, tripartite conjunction. Hope this is useful. Adrian


    • iltana says:

      Thanks for your constructive criticism! This small dark object (a boat) is a part of my memory from that place. I saw it disappear into the mist…


  6. Ronja says:

    Vad vackert! 🙂 Helt otroligt… Vad du är talangfull!


  7. abu zar says:

    very well composed. the branch leads me towards the setting sun. perfect !


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