A genial mixture…

“Among the many thousands of things that I have never been able to understand, one in particular stands out. That is the question of who was the first person who stood by a pile of sand and said, “You know, I bet if we took some of this and mixed it with a little potash and heated it, we could make a material that would be solid and yet transparent. We could call it glass.” Call me obtuse, but you could stand me on a beach till the end of time and never would it occur to me to try to make it into windows.”

(Bill Bryson)

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15 Responses to A genial mixture…

  1. Camilla says:

    Vad läckra mönster och färger. Är det glas? Läckert.


    • iltana says:

      Ja, det är gammalt fönsterglas som jag är upp till öronen förälskad i. På Trollenäsgodsets mark finns det en liten kyrka, titta genom fönsterna vid ett eventuellt besök där. Jag är övertygad om att du kunde göra betydligt mer än jag på ett sådant ställe med din kamera…Tack för titten!


  2. Mike Moruzi says:

    I really like the third image – nice texture.


  3. love them – very cool, glass is amazing.


  4. Adrian Lewis says:

    Oh, photographing the magic, that’s the thing >>> and you do it very well. These pictures are simply vibrant. I love all four – and I wish that all four were my photos! Each one is stunning. Wonderful! FATman


  5. Maybe it was an accident? Maybe someone lit a fire when all the necessary elements were present and glass magically appeared? Anyway, these shots are wonderful! I love the colors!


  6. I can see why your reflection on making glass is signficant, it shows in your art. Your “mixing” of forms, colors, layers have produced an entirely new image. This mysterious process, this end result is unknown when viewed from its original state, This, I believe is part of the process we get when we creat art. I often start from one place with an image and end of entirely somewhere else—a place I could not predict.


    • iltana says:

      Interesting thoughts! There are many ways to portray the common objects that surround us. In these images, the rays of the setting sun did a great job.


  7. drawandshoot says:

    beautiful images!


  8. abu zar says:

    another brilliant set of images (abstracts).beautiful colors and textures
    (i am also surprised i missed this post earlier 😉


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