The Walls

We live in a world with walls. Some walls protect our privacy. Some walls make us feel safe. Some walls divide us. Some walls make us feel lonely. Some walls have windows and doors.  Some walls are blind…

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10 Responses to The Walls

  1. danitacahill says:

    These walls look like a landscape…very cool!


  2. drawandshoot says:

    Wow, such movement in these still walls. Beautiful!


  3. I like this. Would you consider turning it 90 degrees, a landscape, ground, horizon and sky?


  4. abu zar says:

    looks like a book to me, opened and waiting to be read


  5. Marcel says:

    Awesome selective colouring


  6. Gorgeous colour and texture. And as Karen points out, incredible movement, plus as Abu mentions, it also reminds me of an open book. Lovely 🙂


  7. Adrian Lewis says:

    Excellent abstract – to me the top third looks like thin cloud, high in the sky and on the left the plaster below looks like it could be land >>> and then my comprehension is thrown completely out by the wonderfully sharp and colourful brickwork on the right – good photography! And Happy New Year! Adrian


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