“Earth from above”

I adore Yann Arthus Bertrand’s works of art! He isn’t just an aerial photographer, he is on a mission to save mankind by teaching us to love our beautiful planet.(www.yannarthusbertrand2.org)

The picture above was taken from a few meters high hill and of course it can’t compete with Bertrand’s breathtaking creations! But I like it anyway…

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22 Responses to “Earth from above”

  1. rondje says:

    Great shot! Love Bertrands work as well, but this is a great composition too.


  2. Adrian says:

    I have one of his calenders!


  3. taniajessica says:

    This is beautiful – I enjoy the colours and texture


  4. cidnlars says:

    This is great! The colors caused by the reflections create a scene of it’s own. Nature’s artwork! Well done to you for being able to see and appreciate it!!


    • iltana says:

      Thank you! Many people don’t take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. I’m not one of them. And the more I look, the more I see. Sometimes it’s just a little tricky to show it the way I see it…


  5. bananabatman says:

    Having seen Yann Arthus Bertrand’s work in the past, this makes an interesting comparison. It could really have been taken from any altitide, looks a lot like some of his work and is very effective. Well spotted. The challenge is to emulate some more of his work without feet leaving the ground! Just joking, actually I think a lot of your work already does. I’ve just had a quick thumb through his ‘The Earth from the Air – 365 Days’ book again. Thanks for the prompt.


    • iltana says:

      Great thanks for your kind words! I can assure you that I wasn’t levitating when I took this picture. I was only balancing on the top of the hill… 🙂


  6. Camilla says:

    Häftig bild. Abstract och i härliga färger. Du hittar då de enkla motiven bra. Du är duktig. Kram


    • iltana says:

      Man behöver inte resa till fjärran länder för att hitta intressanta motiv att fotografera, även om många skulle säkert inte hålla med mig om det här. Jag gillar verkligen enkelheten, den tilltalar mig. Tack för dina fina ord om mitt bildskapande!


  7. elmediat says:

    Wonderful image and a very creative idea. Well done ! 🙂


  8. Steve Barnes says:

    The blue and gold work really well together. Nice image!


  9. drawandshoot says:

    It’s wonderful Iltana!


  10. very nice colours and movement. 😛


  11. abu zar says:

    beautiful textures and colors..there might be some science behind it but whatever it is, the gold and blue together in one frame is very pleasing to the eye.


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