Wild Flower

Give me no roses

Take me to places where wild flowers grow…

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15 Responses to Wild Flower

  1. I love nature/floral photography, these are just gorgeous!!


  2. bekas says:

    Great pics.!!!


  3. Yes these are beautiful indeed..


  4. Rick Diffley says:

    Top photo is picture perfect. Good control of background and the colors works as well.


  5. yearstricken says:

    Thank you for taking me with you.


  6. Molle says:

    Härligt fina blom bilder Iltana


  7. Rick Diffley says:

    First image is very good. Sharp focus & good control of the bckgrd. Second image – Pretty busy around the main subject (At the bottom that could be cropped off. Bckgrd could be more out of focus.) The flower, did you want the right side cut off? Last image – Pretty good. I may have tried to leave what looks lime trees in the far bckgrd out of the picture.


    • iltana says:

      Thank you for your two comments and for your constructive criticism. You are absolutely right about the second and the third image. Breaking rules is cool sometimes.There was a frenetic activity in the woods where I took these pictures (flowers and greenery everywhere). I was hoping to convey a little bit of that rush. Besides, all my photos are taken with compact cameras (it means a lot of limitations compared to DSLR cameras) and I am not a photographer. I just take pictures and make my wild experiments…


  8. cidnlars says:

    Beautifully done! I love them all!


  9. Adrian Lewis says:

    Good pictures – the top one is excellent! Re your words just above here – you say “I am not a photographer.” >>> that’s certainly not true, you are an excellent photographer, you regularly produce images that set my heart thumping! Adrian


  10. really nice – I agree with Adrian – you are an amazing photographer.


  11. krikitarts says:

    I agree and disagree–your top image is very well executed and developed. Regarding the third, if you were to crop any of the distant, non-floral part of the top of the image, that would put your main subject, the large flower, too close to the dead-center between top and bottom and it would not be so interesting. Alternatively, you might try a small amount of burning in the midtones in that section, especially in the lightest area just above the main blossom, so that the eye is less drawn toward the top. BTW, this is a spectacular photo!


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