Fishing at sunset

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9 Responses to Fishing at sunset

  1. Chillbrook says:

    Beuatiful pictures Itana! 🙂


  2. no fish? he does not look too happy 😉


  3. danitacahill says:

    Beautiful! I especially love the second shot.


  4. beautiful photos!


  5. penbow says:

    Mycket vackert och känslosamt!


    • iltana says:

      Ja, det är verkligen känslosamt… Killen räknade med att fånga en guldfisk som kunde uppfylla hans önskningar, men… ack nej! 😉


  6. Jeff Sinon says:

    Great light on the water. In the last one, he looks like he just lost the biggest fish of his life.


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