Seeing red

“Gazing upwards in confusion

Your senses through the forest spread

Battle with the generations

Now you lay your severed head

Angry with competing children

You forsaw

Still seeing red

Hilltops upon which you rest

E6 traffic overhead

Power lines across this place

Worry lines that scar your face

The first to cultivate these lands

With your Neolithic hands

Did you see the power shifting?

When your eyes were clear and white

Now the power plants emitting

Atomic giants game to fight

Are your children now abusing

The world you bore in sacrifice

Retired here the moss your bed

Looking up still seeing red”


These granite sculptures by George Rammell can be seen in Sofiero park in Helsingborg (south-western Sweden).

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4 Responses to Seeing red

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Now there’s something you don’t see in the forest every day 😀


  2. Adrian Lewis says:

    Good images! Adrian


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