The President

This beautiful work of art by Gugger Petter was made out of newspapers! I think is quite a suitable picture for today…  I took it last summer at Frederiksborg castle in Denmark.

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7 Responses to The President

  1. hakesplace says:

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  2. mixedupmeme says:

    And I just threw out a week’s worth of newspapers today. I am sure I could have crumpled them up into something. Or I wish I could. 🙂


  3. Adrian says:

    Wow, that is something,not because it´s the pres of the US, just because it´s a great bit of art-you always come up with something special-is it yours or someone else -any way i´m going to reblog this they look like seeds!


    • iltana says:

      Thanks, Adrian! No, it’s not my work of art, even if I wish it was… But I took the photo all by myself 🙂 Check out the art of Gugger Petter, you won’t be disappointed!


  4. Adrian says:

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    Just think this should be re-blogged, not for any political reasons, just a great bit of art, way to go Iltana!


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