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8 Responses to Enclosure

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Very confusing to the eye – and very good too! Well seen! Adrian


  2. Another great concept , I first saw the barb wire because the association I have made with the title of your photograph … It got me thinking how in general title can impose limits to what we could see if we are not willing to go beyond that . And this circular shape certainly lends itself to multiple interpretations …


    • iltana says:

      Thank you, Robert! Actually I don’t like titles for photos (perhaps it’s hard to believe…). They suggest too much to viewers, instead of forcing them to see everything with their own eyes and make their own interpretations. I would like to hear yours.


  3. Well spottend and framed!


  4. Reading the title Enclosure I thought of Self Imposed Enclosure as only half of it is real and half is the reflection and rest it is our belief…or Eye of the spirit , looking back at viewer ….or Where two Worlds meet , circle marks the spot where reality meets the imagination…


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