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The Dragonfly

“You are made of almost nothing But of enough To be great eyes And diaphanous double vans; To be ceaseless movement, Unending hunger Grappling love. Link between water and air, Earth repels you. Light touches you only to shift into … Continue reading

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Like a dandelion seed…

“Like a dandelion seed I sway In life’s eternal breeze Hoping winds of fate are warm and light To carry me with ease…”

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Seeing red

“Gazing upwards in confusion Your senses through the forest spread Battle with the generations Now you lay your severed head Angry with competing children You forsaw Still seeing red Hilltops upon which you rest E6 traffic overhead Power lines across … Continue reading

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Fata Morgana

“… I wander and wander along, And forever before me gleams The shining city of song, In the beautiful land of dreams” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

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